In Little Birds Child Care, children are valued and cared with love. Children’s safety always comes first in this program. To build social and emotional development, children are encouraged to share toys and respect each other. Children are encouraged to build friendship with each other. Children are encouraged to use words to express their feelings. Provider uses positive guidance with logical consequences. Provider models appropriate behavior for children. Provider establishes clear and simple rules.

In this child care, children learn through play. Theme based curriculum includes art, movement, reading, and writing skills. This program provides activities that develop thinking and problem solving skills. Activities are designed with interest and ability of individual child. All activities are process oriented. Children are encouraged to be creative. Children are free to choose any activity. All activities are opened for children for free time.

Provider believes that parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to visit any time. This program provides weekly news letter. Conferences are schedule quarterly, and can also be schedule upon request or when needed.

Through play children develop physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. They learn to share, communicate, and build friendship with other children. They also build self esteem.